Services & Fees

Supporting Your Journey offers online virtual therapy only. All sessions are experienced through a secure online platform or phone call, depending on your preference

For an intake or additional questions, please fill out the form as well. Please indicate if your insurance covers your therapy services. We do not do any direct billing; however, we provide invoices that can be submitted by your insurance company.

We work with clients with varying presenting issues that include but are not limited to: depression, anxiety, PTSD, burnout, workplace stress, BPD, Bipoloar, ADHD, couples and families.

20-Minute Complimentary Consultation:

I highly encourage potential clients to book a consultation first. This allows you to see if we are a good fit and if you have any questions regarding the therapeutic process in general.

Individual 50-Minute Virtual Session:

You can choose a video session through our secure online platform or phone.
Pricing: $130 + HST

Individual 80-Minute Virtual Session (Extended):

You can choose a video session through our secure online platform or phone.
Pricing: $180 + HST

Couples & Families 90-Minute Session:

For couples and families, often more time is needed to ensure all parties have a voice and are engaged in the session.
Pricing: $200 + HST

Groups & Workshops:

Please note, we offer group therapy and workshops during certain times of the year and will be posting notifications to alert to these when they are available. Topics such as Boundary Building, Anger Management, Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Stress Management will be introduced and available for sign up. Prices will vary depending on the length of time and sessions provided.

If you are looking for workshop and psychoeducation for your organization or a group that you facilitate and manage, please contact me via email or phone.